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The Ogham Alphabet

Below is a table referencing the Ogham (pronounced "Ohm") alphabet. The Druids and the ancient Irish Celts used this form of writing for centuries. It was used until about the fifth century CE. It consisted of a vertical line with the appropriate dots and dashes. The alphabet was named after Ogham, the Celtic god of literature, who some believe actually created it. The Ogham was primarily used on the edges of burial stones, cairns, and boundary markers. The surviving examples of ogham are on large standing stones throughout Ireland, Scottland, Cornwall, Wales, etc...

There are almost 400 known Ogham inscriptions in Ireland, most of which are located in the southwest of the country.

The Ogham Alphabet contains twenty letters and is read from the bottom up.

Letter Name Tree
B Beth Birch
L Luis Rowan
N Nionn Ash
F Fearn Alder
S Saille Willow
H Huath Hawthorn
D Duir Oak
T Tinne Holly
C Coll Hazel
Q Quert Apple
M Muin Vine
G Gort Ivy
Ng Ngetal Reed
St Straiff Blackthorn
R Ruis Elder
A Ailm Fir
O Onn Gorse
U Ura Heather
E Eadha Poplar
I Idho Yew

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