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Women Druids

Many records of Celtic history and Mythology depict women in the Druidic society as equals to their male counerparts, which would give way to speculation that theirs' was a socially advanced society. We're not sure; however, as to the particular role women may have undertaken in the every day functions of a priest/ess.

Celtic women did have much more freedom than that of the surrounding nations of their time. Apparently women could enter into battle, own properties, and most uncommon to other nations, devorce her husband.

An Irish hero by the name of Cullain was trained by a warrior queen, who owned her own land. Her name was Scathach and it was for her that the Scottish island of Skye was named.

In Briton, there was a woman named Boudicca, who served as chiefton among her poeple. It was she, who led an army against the Romans and nearly defeated them in the year 61 BCE.

Today there are Druidic Circles which are known as the sisterhood. These Circles are mostly made up of women Druids; however, men are allowed into the Circle.
The Virtues of the Druidic Circle are the seven star points: Honor, Truth, Justice, Faith, Hope, Love, and Benevolence.  

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